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Currently, most anaesthetic data are recorded manually using paper forms. It’s time consuming, inefficient, often frustrating and creates issues “downstream”. Data just isn’t portable, can be hard to access, isn’t secure and can’t be put to other purposes.

Synopsis Chart is the solution. From the makers of the renowned Recall AIMS charting system, Synopsis Chart is the ultra-modern approach. Using the insight and experience from anaesthetists across the globe, Synopsis Chart represents a step-change in digital charting.

The Solution

Synopsis Chart replaces the paper record. It is an all-new solution to automated charting from the company that has been building AIMS systems since 1991. Synopsis runs on a touch screen by your anaesthetic machine. Easy to read, and to use, it frees you up to focus on patient care.

The system communicates directly with your anaesthetic machines, monitors, infusion pumps and other medical devices to automatically chart the patient. Synopsis Chart delivers an incredibly detailed and accurate chart, ready for a range of uses.

Manual entry is very limited. Examples include events, infusions and notation. Synopsis Chart takes care of the rest, automatically charting in fine detail. The outcome is an incredibly detailed chart, with nothing missing, and a vital part of the medico-legal record. In addition, Synopsis will readily share information with other hospital IT systems. You can use the data for reporting, governance, training, research, improvement… the list goes on.

The Impact

In a 2007 paper by O’Sullivan, D., Dexter, F., Lubarsky, D., and Vigoda, M., it was established that by introducing an Electronic Anaesthetic Record, hospitals and other healthcare organisations can achieve significant savings and Return on Investment (ROI) in the following areas:

  • A reduction in the cost of drugs related to the anaesthesia
  • A reduction in the cost of staffing, both directly and administratively
  • An increase in the accuracy and consequent value of billing related to anaesthesia
  • An increase in the accuracy and consequent value of billing overall

For example, it was shown that a hospital department might reduce its drug expenditure in-year by 50% through the implementation of an Electronic Anaesthetic Record.

In addition, providers can benefit from added value such as CQUIN pre-qualification using the event and monitoring record-keeping capabilities of the Synopsis system.

With over 22 years’ experience in AIMS, we will help to design and evidence the business case with you.

Further value:

Synopsis Chart is fully integrated with Synopsis iQ pre-operative assessment. Alerts, allergies, history, meds etc. all available onscreen. You and your patients benefit from the seamless approach to the preparation for anaesthesia and the procedure itself.

Immediate Benefit

Building on the widely used and respected Recall AIMS, Synopsis Chart takes the best of clinically proven anaesthetic information management systems and enhances the offer with next generation technologies and the incorporation of international clinical coding standards.

Take a look at some of the benefits:

Packed with features

Synopsis Chart is a step-change in integrated anaesthetic information management systems (AIMS). Using Synopsis is easy, non-distracting and ensures that a comprehensive, reliable and structured record is kept. Continually refined by anaesthetists, and based on 22 years experience.

Take a look at some of the features:

Service Quality
  • Reduce variation: accessible, comprehensive and consistent approach
  • Join up colleagues: real-time information, available instantly
  • Good information from engaged patients
  • Integrated clinical coding for research, service management and tariff
  • Make decisions on good quality and timely information
  • Run comprehensive reports and create custom reports
  • Review cases for quality, education and training purposes
Innovation and flexibility
  • Synopsis Chart available from any networked workstation in your organisation
  • Synopsis Chart grows with you with almost unlimited locations
  • Save time using preference cards for routine / preferred setups
  • Retrieve and review patient pre-op assessments at any time
  • Reduce unrecorded events, interventions and observations
  • Chart in unprecedented detail and granularity
  • Comprehensive management, service and administrative reports
Productivity and efficiency
  • ROI: proven results
  • CQUIN pre-qualification
  • Access the solution from almost any location
  • All authorised colleagues have real-time access
  • Create highly tailored views based on your practices
  • Synopsis Chart automates the chart
  • Standardise around preference cards, or preferred setups
Prevention and Governance
  • Highly secure product with in-depth audit trails and user permission management
  • Identify patient risk early with integration to Synopsis IQ preoperative assessment
  • Uniform and reliable approach to the chart, to notation and to patient management
  • Extremely wide range of information available for reporting and evidence
  • Integrated clinical coding using major vocabularies (OPCS, ICD-10, SNOMED-CT)
  • Intensive charting is completely automated
  • Attention is drawn to allergies, preoperative tests, airway issues, family history etc.
Service Managers
  • Proven cost savings and efficiencies combined with very low cost of ownership
  • A solution that is available across your organisation with secure and tracked access
  • Rapid installation with UK-based support including remote and on-site options
  • Alerts and protocols based on national and local guidance and procedure
  • Very wide range of deployment options (PCs, laptops, tablets, kiosks etc)
  • Effective and proven triage and screening saves time and improves outcomes
  • Integrated clinical coding for research, service management and billing / PbR
  • ISO9001:2000 & 27001 approved supplier
Clinical Team
  • AIMS software developed in actual clinical use
  • A proven vendor, with an excellent record of clinical partnership
  • Wide range of options to access the solution (PCs, laptops, tablets, kiosks etc)
  • Available for use from any computer / networked device in your organisation
  • The end of “silos” of information – notes are available instantly to all colleagues
  • Non-mandatory decision support fully incorporated
  • Integrated clinical coding for research, service management and billing
  • Wide range of reports, with the freedom to specify and develop new versions
  • Fully automated chart, comprehensive medico-legal record
IT Team
  • Able to operate even in the event of LAN failure
  • Proven products on non-proprietary platforms
  • Easy adoption and rollout: multiple browser & OS support
  • Rapid installation including on-site training for users and IT team
  • UK-based support including online, helpdesk and on-site
  • Interoperable and integrated: fully HL7 compliant supplier
  • ISO9001:2000 & 27001 approved supplier
  • Standard and proprietary interfacing and integration options
Charting and the medico-legal record

Synopsis Chart gathers information from your patient monitors in real-time.

Physiological values are collected directly from anaesthetic machines, patient monitors and other devices attached to the patient, collated into trends and displayed on screen. Pre-configured drugs (including dosage/units/administration route), anaesthetic methods and all clinical procedures, are recorded with ease.

Following the anaesthesia, Synopsis Chart produces a detailed anaesthetic chart and medico-legal record.


Synopsis Chart includes options to suit you and the way you work.

Create any amount of protocols and preferences, and quickly and easily share with colleagues if you wish. Charting preferences can be pre-configured to save time when in theatre with preference settings by case type or to your own personal style. Customised settings are then ready when Synopsis Chart is opened.

Safely handling your cases

Should hospital network issues occur, Synopsis Chart automatically saves your case files both locally and centrally ensuring nothing is lost.

Even in the case of server failure, Synopsis Chart continues your case uninterrupted. Once the network is restored, Synopsis Chart automatically synchronises with the server, ensuring the case is available throughout the hospital as soon as possible. A printed copy of your case can be produced immediately, regardless of the state of the network.

Synopsis Chart is also compatible with popular reporting tools like Crystal Reports and Cognos Impromptu. On installation, Synopsis Chart will include your preferred reports, with total freedom to create custom reports at any time thereafter.