Synopsis Blog

Synopsis Healthcare has a vision for a better surgical experience for patients but also staff, and this is why we go the extra distance to understand our new customers.

During a process walk to map our customers value stream, we walk on average 827 steps (~1/2 mile), shake 10 staff hands, read pages upon pages of documents and take the time to learn the processes at each new hospital.

Why? Because a digital solution for pre-assessment is not just an electronic questionnaire, it’s a whole process shift, from physical pen and paper to digital information. Many solution providers don’t understand this and a one size fits all electronic questionnaire is offered.

It’s also a scary process, removing the security of paper but when the process is understood by those offering the solution then small details, like offering a status colour to mimic what used to be done in handover folders, makes the change process a whole lot easier.

The shift to digital solutions is no longer a financial benefit discussion, it’s a way of life. We’re just happy to be able to offer our customers the best success from the start, and it also keeps us fit.


Written by Tori Dand

Head of Customer Success, Synopsis Healthcare