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Synopsis is pleased to announce its involvement at the Department for International Trade‘s UK Tech Week (16-18 February), Turkey, in cooperation with Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology.


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Showcasing how the UK’s expertise in technology can support post-COVID

The Virtual UK Tech Week is organised in collaboration with the Republic of Turkey’s Ministry of Industry and Technology. The event will showcase how the UK’s expertise in technology can support Turkey’s post-COVID plans and its new ‘New Economy Programme 2020-22’. It will also help participants explore what the UK has to offer Turkish tech companies looking to grow their global presence by setting up in the UK.

Join Yara for the panel discussion ‘The Future of Digital Healthcare’

Join Yara (International Accounts Director) on 16 February to discover more about the UK’s expertise in digital healthcare.

Yara will be joining the panel discussion ‘The Future of Digital Healthcare’ on 16 February at 11:15am (UK Time), which will be moderated by the digital health specialist Hassan Chaudhury, and include a discussion on lessons learnt from 2020 which saw a rapid adoption of digital technology across the NHS, including digital patient flow technology and digital pre-operative assessment technology such as the Synopsis Platform.

After the panel session, Yara will be available to ‘meet the audience’ to answer any specific questions / continue conversations from the panel discussion.

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Register to join Synopsis at UK Tech Week, Turkey:

Be part of the future – the UK is building tech partnerships for future growth

The UK Tech Week will bring together thought leaders from business, government and universities, and host a series of exclusive keynotes, panel discussions, workshops and B2B meetings covering multiple sectors. These include renewables, digital health, medical technology, digital manufacturing, smart cities and UK-Turkey science and innovation collaboration. We expect to have an extensive range of UK companies participating through a virtual mission programme.

Key topics at UK Tech Week, Turkey

  • Tech and the Post Covid-19 Recovery: UK and Turkish Governments share their visions for partnership and economic recovery. Learn how they will follow the technology to build back better.
  • The future vision for Turkish Industry 5.0: the UK will present a vision of what digital transformation could look like for Turkish manufacturing in a Post Covid-19 world.
  • Smart City sensor-driven innovations: UK experts will pitch their world leading ideas to public and private bodies and EECAN business.
  • Internet of things (IOT): how the UK sees IOT enhancing urban mobility in a post Covid-19 world.
  • The future of healthcare: digital health technologies, using AI and data analytics will dramatically transform the way we provide healthcare to our citizens.
  • Why invest in the UK: calling all gaming, medtech, fintech or creative entrepreneurs – grow your successful tech business in the UK – we want you!
  • UK R&D: accessing UK R&D funding grants to grow your business and identify transformative technologies driving the UK’s digital economy, society and industry. Develop links to UK academia ready to help you drive adoption and deployment of future technology trends including AI, digital identity, cloud, data analytics, quantum and robotic