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Synopsis is pleased to announce the latest update to the award-winning Synopsis iQ solution. The new update enables pre-operative teams to select and share digital information leaflets with patients during the pre-operative risk assessment. The digital leaflets contain information specific to the patient’s forthcoming surgery and would have traditionally been handed to the patient in a paper format.

As the hospital’s teams work through the pre-operative risk assessment in Synopsis iQ, they will now be able to select the digital versions of the hospital’s leaflets and share the appropriate documents directly with the patient – integrating and streamlining information-sharing processes. Once the digital leaflets have been selected and shared by the staff, the patient will receive a notification through Synopsis Home that the digital leaflets have been shared, with details on how to access the appropriate digital leaflets.

Claire Basden, Clinical Partnership Manager at Synopsis, commented: “Enabling hospital staff to select and share appropriate information with the patient about their surgery as the risk assessment is being completed streamlines the process significantly, as staff do not need to alternate between different software solutions, or sift through large amounts of paper copies for the correct leaflets. Avoiding the back and forth between different digital systems not only helps save valuable time, but also supports staff to ensure the patient receives all the information they need, as this process can now be managed from one single dashboard.”

“Patients also benefit from this process as the information is always available online in a convenient location, and patients do not need to worry about losing important pre-surgery information.”

“Finally, this integrated approach process allows the information to be kept up to date in real-time. Previously, with paper-based information, large print runs would usually have to be depleted before the documents could be updated with newer information. Now, as soon as the hospital needs to update any information across any of the documents in the library, the change can be made and implemented immediately, ensuring patients are given the most up-to-date information possible.”

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