Synopsis iQ

The multi-award-winning digital pre-op assessment platform, from initial questionnaire through to post-operative outcomes.
Providing clarity, efficiency and value. Reducing cancellation rates and risk.
Increasing patient throughput and theatre utilisation.

What is Synopsis iQ?

Synopsis iQ has safely delivered over 200,000 patient pre-operative assessments, saving NHS trusts and other healthcare providers on average £1.4m, per annum. Savings are generated from the reduction of last-minute cancellations of surgery by an average of 20% and further administration time reductions, which releases nursing time back to the departments.

Synopsis iQ receives multiple data inputs from patients, clinicians and even lab data from other systems, and processes all that data using 250+ tailored algorithms to generate clear outcomes, supporting the decision-making process with a full risk assessment. Synopsis provides a collection of published clinical scores, including ASA, STOP-BANG and P-POSSUM, with calculated cardiac and lung risk levels, and a mortality score. These risk scores help to provide a standardised, summarised view of the assessment data, which is visible and accessible to all relevant staff across the hospital / Trust.

Synopsis iQ is hosted by your organisation, making it secure and keeping all patient and other data where it belongs: with you.

What’s more, Synopsis is specifically designed to communicate and integrate with other IT systems in health. Synopsis will talk to your Patient Administration System (PAS), Electronic Patient Record (EPR), Theatre Scheduling system, labs system and many more.

South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust launches Synopsis 

The Synopsis platform has allowed us to transform our perioperative pathway to a fully electronic platform to further improve each patient’s experience, alongside improved service efficiency.

“It will facilitate a significant reduction in paper trail, instead replacing it with the central digital dashboard linked to our PAS and theatre scheduling systems that contains all relevant patient information, both pre- and post-operation, in one place.”

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Proven benefits

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What makes Synopsis IQ different?
Synopsis iQ is the complete pre-operative assessment system. It is a complete, contained approach to pre-operative assessment. and covers the entire process from initial questionnaire right through to post-op outcomes.

  • Cut cancellation rates
  • Improve staff utilisation
  • Increase patient throughput
  • Eliminate paper (and the cost of paper)
  • Triage / swimlane patients faster
  • Increase patient satisfaction
Service Managers
Synopsis IQ is designed to replace paper, enhance workflow and allow you to get on with delivery by digitising the pre-operative assessment pathway. It is a clinical system with a strong operational flow and benefits:

  • Reduce or eliminate paper from your service (paper can cost over £4.00 / patient)
  • Provide access to clinical information to all colleagues across the Trust, instantly and securely
  • Define views of the information based on the roles within your team
  • Run patient or staff-led questionnaires
  • Present patient questionnaires in almost any language¹ and save on translation costs
  • See results from other IT systems immediately, such as laboratory results and ECG²
  • Provide clear PDF printouts to colleagues outside the preoperative service

¹ Languages are pre-agreed and delivered with your Synopsis installation

² Requires systems interfaces which are delivered with your Synopsis installation

Care Team
Synopsis iQ is for anyone involved in preoperative assessment, including patients. Synopsis iQ includes everything you need to conduct a thorough, integrated preoperative assessment. The entire process is covered, from decision to treat through the background questionnaire, assessments, investigations, and much more. Each step is clearly signposted and follows a familiar process, which you can adapt to your workflow.

  • One location for your preoperative assessment: replaces paper and notes
  • Covers the entire process, from DTT through to theatre: much more than an “online questionnaire”
  • Features and functions for everyone, including HCAs, Nurses, Anaesthetists, Administrators
  • Questionnaires can be patient or staff led: patient questionnaires in almost any language
  • Work with Synopsis iQ using almost any device, almost anywhere: no more hunting for notes!
  • Content developed with NHS preoperative assessment services across the UK
  • Easy to use and very powerful
  • Tailored risk assessment for every patient assessed
IT Team
Synopsis iQ is a modern, for-purpose application from a vendor with 25 years’ experience in eHealth. We are ISO 9001 (Quality) and ISO 27001 (Security) accredited and expert in systems interfacing including HL7 and bespoke device and systems interfaces.

  • Modern browser-based Java solution
  • Compliant with most modern browsers (we recommend Internet Explorer)
  • Non-proprietary approach throughout
  • MS SQL databases
  • Hosted by your Trust for complete ownership
  • Lightweight footprint
  • Entirely UK based vendor, including all support
What about risk scores and assessments?
Synopsis iQ receives multiple data inputs from patients, clinicians and even lab data from other systems, and processes all that data using over 250 tailored algorithms to generate clear outcomes, supporting the decision-making process with a full risk assessment.

Synopsis IQ includes a wide range of scores and assessments, including a personalised risk score for every patient. Years of investment in data mining, interpretation of rules and the testing and development of scores is contained in the system.

Venous thromboembolism (VTE), MUST nutrition score, infection control, falls risk, ASA score, P-POSSUM and many more are included. This means that assessments become part of the routine work of the preoperative team, rather than an addition.

The intelligence in Synopsis IQ continues to evolve; and if you have local preferences for scores & rules, they can be incorporated.

How do I use Synopsis IQ?
Working with Synopsis iQ is easy: it looks and acts like a modern website. You’ll see your workflow clearly, and your patient in fantastic detail. If colleagues have added notes, or information is available from other systems, Synopsis iQ will show you. Labs results, alerts, allergies, medications, notes, comments and much more. You’ll walk through the entire process using an easy “see, click, do” approach that requires no special IT skills. If you are reading this web page, you can use Synopsis iQ.
Why preoperative assessment?
Effective preoperative assessment and health evaluation is a foundation for safe, efficient care. Your patients will be informed and confident and you will have the information you need. Done well, it will reduce risk, delay and cost.

If you are looking at modernising your preoperative assessment service to improve the quality of care, reduce harm, reduce cost and improve efficiency, Synopsis iQ may well be the solution.