Synopsis Blog

Synopsis, the digital pre-operative assessment platform, has gone live in the Bahamas with the independent anaesthesia group Anaesthesia Associates Medical Group (AAMG).

The go-live project – including user acceptance training and e-learning – was delivered remotely from the UK, and AAMG will initially use the Synopsis platform at four hospitals in the Nassau region of the country. The project is part of AAMG’s digital transformation programme to create a fully integrated electronic pre-operative assessment pathway across the region.

Dr. Reginald Neymour, Managing Partner at Anaesthesia Associates Medical Group, said: “Using Synopsis iQ will help us to further improve patient-provider communication while enabling our physicians to carry out in-depth pre-operative assessments digitally and, at the same time, reduce the number of patients required to attend hospital for their consultation.

“In turn, this will help us improve capacity, patient load balancing, and the overall care delivery process, including reducing the risks of complications during surgery. These improvements will also extend to long term care patients who will be proactively managed in their homes, affording improved levels of communication while reducing pressures on clinicians.

“The Synopsis digital platform is simple and easy to use for both patients and doctors, which further supports the improvement of the experience for both patients and doctors.”

Michael Applewhaite, Regional Sales Director at Synopsis, said: “AAMG has licensed our Synopsis iQ solution to enable its physicians to quickly and easily share comprehensive pre-operative information with another healthcare provider through a central digital platform.  Using the same platform, they can also manage data from patients who have a remote pre-operative assessment directly alongside data from patients who attend the hospital for their assessment.

“Surgery and anaesthesia are the engine room of the hospital, where many costs are focussed and where the most revenue is generated. The pre-operative process is the fuel for that engine, and Synopsis ensures this process is efficient and effective by supporting care providers to increase patient throughput and theatre utilisation whilst reducing the risk and cancellation rates associated with elective surgery.”

Synopsis has been used to complete over 200,000 digital pre-operative assessments across NHS Trusts in the UK and has contributed to an average saving of £1.4m per NHS Trust.

NHS Trusts currently using Synopsis include King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation TrustLiverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust.