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Synopsis is delighted to announce its nomination at The Leading Healthcare Awards 2021. Synopsis has been named as a finalist in the Digital Transformation category, following the release of Synopsis Home during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Transforming the pre-operative assessment pathway with Synopsis Home

The release of Synopsis Home, and subsequent immediate deployment across the Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, has transformed the way hospitals are able to conduct the pre-operative assessment process.

Using Synopsis Home, patients can complete their pre-operative health questionnaire from the safety and comfort of their home, sharing their questionnaire responses directly with the hospital’s pre-operative assessment team. Once the hospital’s team receive the patient’s responses, the team can triage and swim lane patients into the correct readiness lanes ahead of surgery.

When Synopsis Home is implemented alongside Synopsis iQ, staff realise multiple operational efficiencies which serve to improve patient throughput to theatre. For example, risk assessment levels are supported (including ASA, POSPOM and Stop-Bang scores), alongside cardiac risk and lung risk levels, providing care teams with all relevant information to triage patients with high levels of efficiency and accuracy.


Transforming Worcestershire Acute’s pre-operative assessment process

Following the deployment of Synopsis iQ and Synopsis Home across the Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust during 2020, Rachel Foley, Senior Sister Pre-Operative Assessment Countywide, WRH Theatre Admission Unit, said:

“Earlier POA interventions are allowing us to identify patients at high risk of being unfit for their operation and intervene sooner and with more effective medical input to ensure they stand the very best chance of their surgery going ahead. Our elective surgery patients can now complete their health history questionnaire from the comfort of their own home, in their own time, then submit the answers in real-time to our clinical teams.

“After assessing answers submitted by patients using Synopsis Home, our clinical staff can quickly triage and separate the patients that are fit and ready for their operation and don’t require a full POA in hospital from those that do. Staff also benefit from referrals and replies being contained within one system, alongside completed risk assessments.”

“100% of Anaesthetic referrals and reviews are completed on Synopsis. We are seeing an increasing trend of patients choosing to use Synopsis Home to complete their pre-operative questionnaire from home (currently 64%). Hospital staff and patients continue to gain confidence in using the system to restart elective activity.”

“The majority of pre-op assessments are now requested within just two weeks of surgery, and Synopsis Home is proving vital in supporting us safely complete the assessments within this timeframe. The ability to digitally triage patients has also eliminated the need for some patients to attend hospital for their pre-op assessment. Patients who do attend hospital complete the questionnaire on an iPad, resulting in less staff time required to complete the assessment.”


The Leading Healthcare Awards 2021

The Leading Healthcare Awards 2021 celebrate and recognise great teams, partnerships, innovations and programmes across health and care. The awards also provide a platform to share ideas, learn from others and hear about various innovative programmes to shape the future of health and care services.

The winners and highly commended entries will be announced on 1st April 2021 through the innovative digital awards evening