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Synopsis is delighted to announce its success at the WorldFestival 2021 Innovation Awards. Following the Community Voting round and an evaluation by an industry-expert Judging Committee, Synopsis has won the Health, Wellness & Fitness category.


About the WorldFestival 2021 Innovation Awards

WorldFestival is the global virtual conference supporting worldwide technology innovation. With over 20,000+ participants across 130+ nations, exploring the top 1,000 emerging innovations and trends of 2021 – in all sectors.

The Awards competition serves to discover the top innovations of 2021, from 6 continents, competing to pitch on-stage as the Top 50 WorldFestival Innovations. WorldFestival organizes 150+ judges on the Judging Committee for the WorldFestival Innovation Awards, including Venture Capitalists, Angel investors, Corporate Executives, Tech Media & Press, and industry-leading speakers.

The Health, Wellness & Fitness category of innovation includes personal health web and mobile applications, doctor and patient communication, medical records management, holistic wellness web and mobile apps, and wellness practice management.


Digital innovation in the pre-operative assessment pathway

The Synopsis Platform enables hospitals to manage the entire pre-operative assessment digitally, removing paper trail, increasing data security, and delivering significant organisational benefits.

Synopsis has been used to complete over 140,000 patient pre-operative assessments, contributing to an average saving of £1.4m per hospital Trust, per annum. Savings are generated from the reduction of last-minute cancellations of surgery by an average of 20% and further administration time reductions, releasing nursing time back to the departments and increasing patient satisfaction across the surgical pathway.


The Synopsis Platform

The Synopsis Platform comprises of two solutions – Synopsis iQ and Synopsis Home.

Synopsis iQ digitises the entire pre-operative assessment pathway inside the hospital and is used by staff and patients. Patients can choose to complete their pre-operative health questionnaire by themselves on a tablet, a PC, or with a member of staff if they require support. Once the questionnaire is completed, the answers can be accessed instantly by the pre-assessment team, removing the need to access and store paper records.

Clinical and administrative teams can view each patient’s answers to the questions and see an estimated risk assessment that conforms to accepted clinical. Following a review of the patient’s answers by the clinical team, Synopsis iQ generates the full risk assessment and includes a collection of published clinical scores, including ASA, STOP-BANG and P-POSSUM.

Synopsis Home enables patients to begin their pre-operative assessment process from the comfort and convenience of their home. The questionnaire can be completed using a tablet, smartphone or computer, avoiding an unnecessary hospital attendance. Once the questionnaire is completed, the answers are shared directly with the hospital’s system, allowing the team to triage the patient as efficiently as patients who physically attend the hospital. If a patient requires a face-to-face assessment ahead of their operation, they will be invited to attend the hospital once the triage team have assessed the answers to their questionnaire. This process contributes to an overall reduction in hospital attendances.


Maximise theatre utilisation

Synopsis supports triage teams identify fit-for-surgery patients earlier in the pre-operative assessment process and facilitate earlier interventions for high-risk patients and reduces the volume of face-to-face appointments. By identifying fit-for-surgery patients earlier and intervening with high-risk patients earlier, the triage team can begin increasing requests for surgical activity and freeing staff time to manage high-risk patients whose operations are at risk of cancellation without medical intervention.

Synopsis also helps reduce empty theatre slots through its searchable database of patients, enabling staff to find fit-for-surgery patients which match the criteria of the vacant theatre slot. For example, if a surgery slot that has been planned for a female, mid-50s patient requiring knee surgery becomes available, staff can quickly search the database of fit-for-surgery patients with a similar criteria to help fill the theatre slot and ensure theatre utilisation to remains high.



The Synopsis decision engine

Synopsis iQ receives multiple data inputs from patients, clinicians and even lab data from other systems, and processes all that data using over 250 tailored algorithms to generate clear outcomes, supporting the decision-making process with a full risk assessment.

Synopsis provides a collection of published clinical scores, including ASA, STOP-BANG and P-POSSUM among others, with calculated cardiac risk and lung risk levels, and a mortality score. These scores and risk levels help to provide a summarised view of the patient’s data, helping the triage team to see the ‘big picture’ when it comes to risk.

To learn more about Synopsis, please contact the team.