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Considering digitising your surgical pathway?

Join Synopsis (a VitalHub company) and our eco-system of collaborators as we explore the benefits of digitising the surgical pathway, throughout an educational series of webinars. Once a fortnight, each of the four sessions will break down and focus on a separate key area of a digital surgical pathway, including:

  • the legal considerations concerning digitising the pathway
  • the importance of informed patient consent
  • reducing clinical risk and aiding decision support during the pre-assessment
  • minimising liability through standardisation of anaesthetic data during surgery

Each session will include a dedicated Q&A session at the end, providing the perfect opportunity to speak directly to the presenters. We recognise that your time is precious and that you are working in an extremely challenging time, therefore, to give you flexibility, once you have registered for the session(s), you will be able to access a recording to watch at a time convenient to you if you are unavailable to attend the live event.


Session 1 – Legal considerations concerning digitising the surgical pathway with Al Tamimi & Co.

14 June 2021 | 7pm UAE / 4pm UK


Join Christina Sochacki (Dubai-based Senior Associate in the Corporate Commercial practice at Al Tamimi & Co.) as she walks through the legal considerations concerning digitising the surgical pathway, and how automated digital care pathways can assist with meeting extensive audit trail requirements. This session will also be moderated by Dr. Mazin Gadir, Advisory Board Member at Shifaa UAE.

During this session, Christina will discuss some of the greatest legal considerations from both practitioner and medical liability perspectives, including:

  • ensuring well documented patient consent regarding clinical services and the use of digital services to transfer and store their data
  • ensuring that the patient was given the necessary information pre and post-surgery


Session 2 – The importance of informed consent with EIDO Healthcare

29 June 2021 | 7pm UAE / 4pm UK


This session will be moderated by Mr. Matthew Fitzpatrick, Programme Lead for Surgical Excellence at SEHA UAE. Join Dr. Simon Parsons, Consultant Oesophago Gastric Surgeon and Technical Director at EIDO Healthcare as he explains the importance of informed consent and the benefits of using a digital informed consent solution in your surgical processes, including:

  • A single meaningful conversation for informed consent can transform the doctor-patient relationship for the better
  • The use of digital tools allows for a more robust and patient-centred consent conversation resulting in truly informed shared decisions
  • A digital informed consent process is faster, safer and measures patient engagement and creates an audit trail should that be required at a later date
  • Did you know most patients leave a consultation remembering only 5-20% of the information explained to them? Digital tools allow the patient to focus on education material empowering them with consent information without the pressures of a waiting doctor
  • Digital consent improves the patient’s engagement, understanding and experience, saves consultants time and standardises the consent process


Session 3 – The benefits of a digital pre-operative assessment pathway with Synopsis

13 July 2021 | 7pm UAE / 4pm UK


This session will see Dr. Yasser Zaghloul (Consultant of Anaesthesia at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City UAE) and Dr. Peter Houweling (a practising anaesthetist and Medical Director at Synopsis), discuss digitising the pre-operative assessment pathway, to significantly reduce clinical risk and provide clinical decision support.

During this session, Dr. Yasser Zaghloul and Dr. Peter Houweling will also discuss:

  • identifying risks immediately, allowing proactive measures to be taken
  • enabling patients to begin their pre-assessment from home – reducing hospital attendances
  • facilitating patient load balancing between hospitals – reducing time to surgery
  • creating a searchable database of fit-for-surgery patients that can fill theatre slots at short notice
  • improving interaction between clinicians and patients
  • enabling staff to collaborate more effectively


Session 4 – Digital Anaesthetic data capture during surgery with iProcedures

2 August 2021 | 7pm UAE / 4pm UK


In this session, Dr. Mani Vindhya, a practising anaesthetist and Chief Medical Officer at iProcedures, will present how digitising the recording of critical anaesthetic data during surgery can support a reduction in liability and risk of errors from non-standardised documentation.

What you will learn:

  • Safe evidence-based practice support through image capture
  • Importance of auditable data to ensure sanity and source of data truth
  • Controlled substance reconciliation
  • Secure capture and storage of informed consent
  • Enhanced patient safety with a remote view of physiological data
  • How hard stops can help enforce compliance
  • Increased patient safety through user-defined clinical decision aid reminders
  • Benefits of increased access to patient information across patient’s perioperative journey
  • Safe patient handoffs