Who we are

What we do


We build the Synopsis Perioperative Platform, which is part of the Intouch with Health Patient Journey Platform.

Surgery and anaesthesia are the engine room of the hospital, where many costs are focused and most revenue generated. The perioperative process is the fuel for that engine. Synopsis allows hospitals to manage the entire assessment – from initial questionnaire through to post-operative outcomes digitally, removing the paper trail, reducing triage times, and cutting cancellation rates.

We are a proven partner, having safely delivered hundreds of thousands of patient assessments and anaesthetic records. We can deliver very clear economic benefits, whether your organisation is large or small. What’s more, Synopsis can make care more efficient, safer and enjoyable.

Based in the UK, our offices are in Cirencester and Daresbury.

We’re ISO27001 (Security) accredited, and registered with the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

Why it matters


We have built the Synopsis platform to deliver perioperative care and business processes. We completely digitise the journey, offering huge value, clarity and efficiency for the care team and patients. What’s more, the platform includes decision support to drive quality and consistency up and avoidable harm down.

The results are clear. Our customers can reduce costs to below those of paper whilst generating the rewards that are quite simply out of reach unless digital is used. These rewards include reduced cancellation rates, improved staff utilisation, increased patient throughput, reduced unnecessary pre-operative testing, reduced risk from litigation and many more.

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