Synopsis Blog

Following the acquisition of Synopsis Healthcare by Intouch with Health in August 2019, we are thrilled to reveal a slight, yet significant branding update, starting with a new logo.

Synopsis Logo

We’ve updated our company branding to be clearer about the type of company that we are, and to clearly demonstrate we are proud to be part of the Intouch with Health, and the Intouch patient journey platform.

We’ve kept the same colour scheme, rather than adopting the distinctive Intouch with Health blue and grey brand colours, ensuring that we retain the brand familiarity we have built up over the years.

We’ve updated our brand font to a clean, refined font which better suits the precise nature of what we do, and where we operate within a hospital. This new font also improves how the Synopsis logo sits alongside Intouch with Heath’s logo, and even includes the Intouch with health circular icon in place of the ‘o’ in Synopsis.

We’ve released a short animation showing how the new logo has grown out of the previous logo, showing the update is both slight, yet significant. This animation can be viewed on our LinkedIn page here.

Logo updates are just the start of what is to come, keep an eye out for more releases over the next few weeks.

The Intouch with Health award-winning holistic platform allows hospitals to design, develop and deploy entire patient journeys, moving patients in an efficient manner. Intouch supports over 50 NHS Trusts throughout the UK, and healthcare organisations nationally and internationally create a better patient experience, improve communication and information management, reduce costs and improve overall quality. Intouch are are ISO27001 (Security) accredited, and registered with the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

For more information on Intouch with Health, and the Intouch patient journey platform, please contact one of the team on or visit their website here.