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In 2011, the DoH guidance document, “Innovation Health and Wealth, Accelerating Adoption and Diffusion in the NHS” set out that from April 2013 compliance with high impact innovations would become a prequalification requirement for CQUIN.

The “Digital First” initiative is one of those high impact innovations.

Originating in the DoH, the initiative aims to “reduce unnecessary face-to-face contact between patients and healthcare professionals by incorporating technology into these interactions“.

Synopsis IQ is an investment that can assist your organisation with pre-qualification and Digital First. It’s a proven and incredibly powerful tool that offers a huge range of benefits to NHS organisations. With over 110,000 patient assessments completed, it’s one of the most comprehensive and proven pre-operative assessment tools available.

Digital First sets out a number of benefits / objectives for the initiative:

  • Reducing unnecessary face-to-face interaction so that appointments can be given to the people who really need or would prefer them.
  • Fitting in with people’s busy lives and delivering faster and more convenient services.
  • Improving patient choice and satisfaction levels and enhancing quality of care.
  • Helping to deliver efficiency gains by reducing face-to-face interaction.
  • Empowering patients to take control of their own healthcare needs and promoting self-care.
  • Improving collaboration across healthcare, social care and industry.
  • Helping to cut carbon emissions by reducing unnecessary travel to appointments.

Synopsis IQ directly delivers on these points for your organisation. How?

  • It’s browser based, so patients don’t have to be face-to-face with staff to complete their questionnaire
  • Patients can access the system from home, from clinic, from the ward… anywhere that’s convenient
  • The system works on almost any platform – PC, laptop, desktop, kiosk, tablet (iPad)
  • Colleagues can access the system and view / edit information at any time – no more waiting for notes or results
  • Collaboration is massively improved with alerts & messaging, handy print-outs, reports and more
  • Synopsis IQ talks to other IT – this means you get even more value from the work you do – information is re-used

Synopsis IQ isn’t simply an online questionnaire; it’s a complete pre-op solution.

The workflow runs from initial questionnaire and covers diagnoses, planned procedure(s), observations, assessments, examination, investigations, discharge planning, operative / anaesthetic planning, risk-stratification / triage and outcomes.

You can tailor how the system looks to different colleagues, who can access patient information, and how the system behaves. Secure, flexible and powerful, it’s also a solution from a UK company with over 22 years’ experience working with the NHS.

Contact us today for a no-obligation discussion about CQUIN, pre-qualifiers and investing for impact.

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